J Shocking

‘Shocking’ adj: inspiring shock; startling

The name says it all. What other DJ randomly plays dubstep in the middle of a hard dance set simply to be ironic, hurls abuse at his crowds through a microphone, or rages so hard in front of the decks he rips a power cord out in front of 500 onlookers?

In his short DJ career, J Shocking has played at almost every major hard dance event in Auckland, literally ‘shocking’ the crowd every time. As perhaps the only dedicated hard tech DJ in Auckland, J Shocking blends tech trance, harder techno, and tech dance in an energetic frenzy of technical mixing. As a specialist opening DJ, his warm up sets get crowds on the floor right from the start of the night. But, refusing to be defined, J Shocking can smash out a face melting set heavier than any other to close out the night. Whether he’s playing at 10pm or 5am, J’s energetic stage antics must be seen to be believed.

A musician from the age of seven, J Shocking has played several instruments, including bass guitar in various local bands. Applying this musical background to the decks, J Shocking continues to push boundaries by introducing local audiences to the harder tech sounds of the UK, Europe and Japan. It is this dedication to being at the forefront of musical trends that has earned J his residency at FX Events, his weekly radio show along with Mirage on UPfm (Kaos Radio, Fridays 10pm), and his mainstage presence around Auckland. He has also played in Hamilton and Wellington, the latter winning a competition to open one of the legendary Twisted? parties. Though his range is diverse, every tune, fast or slow, has one thing in common – relentless, driving energy.

J Shocking has played at the following events: Hard Kandy NZ, Chemistry, Stereodays, Frantic NZ, Bezerk, Twisted? (WEL), Flipside, BLACK, Fuck Off 2010 (HAM), UPfm 9th Birthday, UPfm Solar Series, UPfm Spring Break, Recognition, MeOw, MNTHRD, Flammable, Crank 4 ChCh, Madagascar, Thank You!: The Space Closing Party, Space Invaders, Shift, Boom!

J Shocking has played support for the following international artists: Mark EG (UK), Alex Kidd (UK), Kutski (UK), Kidd Kaos (UK), SHOCK:FORCE (UK), Paul Glazby (UK), Steve Hill (AUS), Lucy Fur (UK), Scott Alert (AUS), Dan Ro (UK/NZ)

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